Chocolate Cherry Cake


Product contains : Chocolate cake of 500gms with cherries on the top.Product may slightly vary as per location and availability.



This Chocolate Cherry Cake is actually one of the best-flavored cakes that you will ever get. This is fully a chocolate-based cake with an icing of dark chocolate designed with side layers of milky brown chocolate. On the top of the icing, chocolate chips in circular shapes are arranged in a beautifully stylish way. In between those chocolate chips, cherries have also been arranged to garnish it in a much more beautiful way. The combination of chocolate and red colour looks stunning. You could just eat it up in a moment if it was possible for you. This chocolate cherry cake is available at Mosiom. If you make your orders before 5 pm then your cake will be delivered on the same day. Otherwise, you will get your delivery on the next day. Get delighted with the rich creamy taste of chocolate and cherries!


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