Smiles. Designed and delivered.
  • The doorbell rings. You hear the word, “Delivery.” When you open the door, you’re presented with a stunning floral arrangement of roses. You’re surprised. You’re smiling. And your whole day has changed. Making people smile is no small accomplishment. It’s an art and a passion that’s been in our family for decades – it’s what drove Singh's to open his first flower shop in 1997. It’s not just in our business plan; it’s actually how we see the world. When we see a rose or a orchid or a lily, we don’t just see a gorgeous flower—we see an opportunity to help someone express a feeling: appreciation, adoration, condolences, gratitude, love. It can be hard to express what’s in your heart. But a special bouquet can do the job amazingly well. It doesn’t hurt that our exquisite arrangements are individually created by some of the world's top floral artists. Or that we pick the best flowers from the best growers from around the world -- the cream of the crop. Literally. For us, delivering happiness is more than a nice thought – it’s been our business practice for more than 10 years. And it’s a job we’re lucky to have. We know it. When someone gets our flowers we can tell they agree. It’s as plain as the smile on their face.
Mosiomflori, Share smiles with Us.
    • Mission
    Helping people celebrate occasions and send smiles with the help of beautiful, locally sourced flowers.

    • Company Overview
    • Mosiom.com is proud to have been connecting customers with local florists in the Indian Sub continent for years.
    • Our member florists deliver fresh floral arrangements, plants and gift baskets.
    • All of our bouquets and centerpieces are professionally arranged using only the freshest flowers available and hand- delivered by the florist.
    • All floral arrangements come in a vase or a fun keepsake re-usable container, like pitchers, coffee mugs and much more.
    • In most cases bouquets and plants can be delivered on the same day that you place your order.
    • Interact with the Mosiom.com GTalk: mosiomflori@gmail.com
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    • Questions about an order? Go to the Customer Service at 91.969.988.0548
    • Mosiomflori has blossomed over the years into India's finest floral service provider. Pollinating their passion for flowers with their spirit of entrepreneurship, the promoters gave seed to Mosiomflori, sprinkling the venture with dedication and enterprise. Determined to offer the very best in variety and service, the promoters diligently developed an extensive global network for sourcing and delivery of flowers, thus equipping mosiomflori with the capability to service any order for flowers 24X7, at virtually any location in India. Ever since inception, professional service was the overriding priority as Mosiomflori went about delivering not just flowers but smiles too. Every order, be it a bunch of flowers or a floral arrangement was promptly executed, and from a trickle initially, orders began to pour in. Today, more than orders from new customers who’ve heard about Mosiomflori exceptional service, repeat orders from delighted customers drive Mosiomflori growing popularity and sales. Mosiomflori is India's premier florist and floral designer reputed for its warm, dependable and personalized service. With years of rich and eventful floristry experience, Mosiomflori offers an ever blooming range of floral services for every conceivable need from private events to corporate events, festival decor, corporate décor and home décor. Mosiomflori specialty is its “Customized Floral Arrangements” as we believe its all about emotions. On request, Mosiomflori also delivers cakes, chocolates,champangne, balloons and soft toys along with your flowers to enhance the presentation. And whether you order at our friendly shop or online, you can be assured of professional and “value-for-money” service and expression of emotions from your heart. Mosiomflori is a one-stop shop for a range of floral gifting and allied services. What’s special about Mosiomflori is the extraordinary lengths it goes to, in order to delight its customers. To enable customers make truly special gifts to their loved ones, - Chocolates, teddy bear, cakes, wine, champagne…and more..

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